Four Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age

Digital age is the new era and in a market place where attracting prospective customers becomes difficult; marketing strategies comes into the picture where all the companies are looking for economical and creative ideas.

In this digital age, there are so many potential buyers who are aware of social media, search engines, websites and online applications. Online Marketing in Singapore consists of varied tools and techniques but it’s always dependent on the company to make a smart choice, which helps them to be more visible and provide best experience to the target audience for choosing your brand.

So here are the 4 marketing strategies,

YouTube videos

Forced advertising on YouTube videos, which says 5-7 seconds of clip promoting a specific product or service oriented company, which can’t be skipped by any user till the complete advertisement gets over.

  • Repetitively searched Key word on YouTube
  • Most viewed or trending videos
  • Try to convey majority of the message during the advertisement (It’s not necessary to make it very dramatic) Promo code/coupon codes – Standies outside a famous on going public transport places which is nearly inescapable

Promo code/coupon codes/Run contests

Online pop ups with promo codes or coupon codes which attracts the customers to use that particular product online or physical by offering discounts on purchases done by using these promo/coupon codes. Offering exciting prices to win contests helps the brand visibility.


Choosing the most niche blogs online and writing about your products and services in the most editorial and creative way will be considered as an excellent marketing strategy online.

Social media advertising

Facebook marketing, twitter, LinkedIn are considered to be the most influential websites and links to study the consumer behavior. Launching visuals and videos of your products/services on these platforms are considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Key words and communication – Companies make use of certain key words which helps attracting customers online.

For example if somebody is looking for a trip to Europe then the key words will be “traveling to Europe” “flights to Europe” “Swiss Holidays” “offers to Zurich”, here the marketing strategies are basically the way you communicate your content online which directs the customers to our websites or Blogs promoting few companies.

Promo code/coupon codes – Standies outside a famous on going public transport places which is nearly inescapable

One social media we can give examples of Mr.Narendra Modi twitting on Twitter to get votes from the most tech savvy people using these platforms for more and more awareness